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We are your small hometown post frame building company who understands the importance of building thriving local communities. As a locally owned business, we are proud to live here, work here, and take an actively participate in community improvement activities.

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Rural and Small Town Rooted

Legacy of Proudly Serving Rural Communities

We are your small hometown post frame building company who understands the importance of high value and excellent service.

With a family legacy within construction, we understand the unique opportunities and challenges of small-town communities. Where larger companies may lose focus with big overhead costs, we take pride in keeping it small and efficient, so we can offer a much better value. “Explore a New Way to Build” today!

A word from the company owner Jay Yohner

“I love the rural life and the people who also call it home. I have the pleasure of working directly with many customers on their projects from start to finish. I take pride in “swinging a hammer” alongside our great employees every chance I get. Rural America is just full of exceptionally good people.”

What Sets Us Apart

Quality First

We focus on the right building, the right way with quality craftsmanship over just making another sale.

Built Local

Customers are also our neighbors and friends. Being local is what provides customers with the best service and repairs.


The facts are mistakes can happen. If it isn’t right, we will make it right. This is what being local is about.


We take pride in supporting other rural communities and small businesses by working with them to supply our materials, and provide our business services.

Member NFBA

We are proud members of the National Frame Building Association. Visit the NFBA website for more information about the advantages of Post Frame Buildings.


DIY Packages:

All our building packages are assembled at a reasonable price with trained employees who take pride in their craftsmanship. We construct quickly and efficiently with the right tools and equipment. However, if you are a Do-It-Yourself person we do offer several options:

Manufactured DIY Kits

Ready to assemble with minimal to no lumber cutting required

Standard DIY Kits

Materials will need to be cut to specific size on-site

Online Building Designer

Explore the possibilities with our new building designer tool! This interactive tool allows you to easily plan the design for your custom building.

Pioneer Buildings Interactive Building tool

Best Value Buildings Packages:


  • 64’x120’x16’ Ag Package
  • 48’x104’x16’ Ag Package
  • 40’x80’x14’ Ag Package
  • Garage Package Available
  • Residential Post Frame Home Package Available

Available options and upgrades to these packages include

  • OH Door Packages
  • Windows/Doors
  • Skylights
  • Overhangs
  • Condensation Control
  • Insulating and interior liner panels
  • Mega Panel


All our post frame buildings are constructed with the following:

  • Patented post protection system
  • Laminated Columns 8’ on-center design
  • Pre-Engineered Trusses specifically designed for site location including snow load and wind loads
  • MSR 1650 fb or better lumber in all structural locations
  • 2×6 Girts
  • 2×4 Purlins
  • 2-2×6 T&G Below-Grade Treated non-arsenic baseboard system
  • Jobsite Material Delivery
  • American Made Galvanized Hardened Ring Shank Nails
  • Wind, Lateral, Sway and Corner Bracing
  • 1-1/2” Eclipse Wood Binder Fasteners next to rib for best strength and longevity
  • 29 Gauge Wall Steel and Trim in various colors
  • Composite footing Pads
  • Uplift protection on all posts
  • Closure strips and seals
  • Maze Nails

*These materials are not the cheapest or most expensive, they are what make our buildings the better value.

Custom Buildings Packages

  • Design Fee’s will apply
  • Custom tailored CAD drawings
  • Engineer stamped structural plans available at applicable cost.

Hoop Buildings

We also offer Fabric Building Systems “Hoop Buildings.” These easy to maintain fabric-covered steel buildings are an economical solution for more storage or work space. They are multipurpose and work great for grain storage, equipment, or livestock.

We offer a large variety of fabric-covered metal-framed structures. Widths range in size from 30-feet to hundreds of feet in length, offering protection from sun and other damaging weather conditions. Connecting hardware and metal components are made with corrosion resistant metals to extend life and keep your building strong.

There’s more technical elements to a hoop building than you’d expect. We’d love to talk to you today to build a structure specific to your unique needs. Call us today to get a quote.

All Steel Buildings 

Bolt-up steel buildings offer a building option that’s affordable, easy to assemble, and a fast turnaround time. All projects are blue printed and engineer stamped. And while this option is a fast building solution, we don’t compromise on the details. With fully customizable accessories and features, we will ensure the building will suit your needs.


The following upgrade options are available for all of our kits:

  • Wainscot wall and trim package
  • Gutter sand downspouts with kickout
  • Painted roof with CentralGuard® protection
  • DripX™ condensation barrier
  • Added wind speed design
  • Additional frame openings including walk doors, ridge vents, cupolas, and skylight panels

The Right Kit for the Job

We offer the following types of build kits:

Quick Shipping/ Fast Turnaround Kits

We offer quick turnaround packages in the following sizes:

  • 20w X 24l X 10h
  • 24w X 30l X 10h
  • 30w X 40l X 10h
  • 30w X 52l X 10h
  • 20w X 24l X 12h
  • 24w X 30l X 12h
  • 30w X 40l X 12h
  • 30w X 52l X 12h
Custom Sized

One size doesn’t fit all. Sometimes a custom sized building is needed for the job. Call us today to find out more about customization options.

Project Considerations

There are many details to work through before building materials reach the job site. Contact us today to start planning your build.


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